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Ex Girlfriend Quotes

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You may admire
a girl's curves
on the first introduction,
but the second meeting
shows up new angles.


I almost had
a psychic girlfriend
but she left me
before we met.

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He turned down a blow job from his ex-girlfriend...
You know how hard that is for a man?
It's called blue balls.
He's like Gandhi! But better - he likes puppets!
- From the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall


There's only two people
in your life you should lie to...
the police and
your girlfriend.


An ex girldriend is an EX for a reason.


Laugh and the
world laughs with you.
Cry and you
cry with your girlfriends.


Girlfriend is the
most significant person
in a man's life.
So treasure all the sorrows
and treasure all the happiness also.
But above everything,
it's important that
a man treasures all memories
in his heart for ever.


Behind every good man
there is a good woman
and behind that
another man looking at her ass


I don't have a girlfriend.
But I do know a woman
who'd be mad at me
for saying that.

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If a girl looks swell
when she meets you,
who gives a damn
if she's late?


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