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Love Poems For Her From The Heart

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Her eyes are bluer than a sapphire and deeper than the Pacific

Her hair glows golden like sunrise

Her skin is more magnificent than all of the world’s beauty combined.

It’s hard not to love her with all my heart

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All my soul

All my strength

All my mind.

Her personality is more attractive than the most extravagant of life’s luxuries

Her smile more brilliant than all the stars in the universe

Her voice more heavenly than a chorus of angels

I love her, I really do

But she doesn’t care about me…

I know she doesn’t…

She’s said it.

If I truly loved her

Which I do

My love would see that she’s happy

And it would be happy

And I would be happy

But I’m not

It’s strange, but I’m not

Every day I sit there


And wondering as the passion in my heart burns with the fury of a thousand suns

What did I do?

What have I done?

This is my fault

I should have gotten to know her

Rushed love…

I’ve been punished for my impatient demeanor

This is the will of God

This is God’s Punishment for me…


It takes a moment to see someone

A second to like someone

A day to love someone…

But for me…

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It took me nothing to see her

A moment to like her

A second to love her

Saddest of all…

It’ll take me forever to forget her…


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More Love Poems For Her Prev Page | 1 | Page 2