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This Relationship

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Relationships are all around’

They come in many forms.

But there was one I questioned.

Of one l was unsure.

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This one involves true love,

Faith and confidence…

In it, no doubt,

There will be resistance.

Love, hate,

Confidence and fear…

These are the determining factors

Making this relationship unclear.

Pain, failure,

Joy and success…

In mixing these together

There can be a lot of stress.

In this relationship,

Decisions have to be made.

It’s between you and that person.

Only God can come to your aid.

I’ve given some facts,

But now it’s time to flip.

I’ll tell you about the

Questions I asked about this confusing relationship.

“In this, how long will we have to

Endure pain confusion and discomfort?

When will we overcome?

When will we be conquerors?

“Does weaknesses have to

Be a part of this?

Can’t it simply be submission?

Can’t I simply submit?”

These questions I asked,

They were quickly answered.

I’m happy I listened.

I’m glad I was open to the Lord.

My answer was plainly…

“So, you want all of it to end.

Well, I’m here to tell you,

It doesn’t have to begin.”

So ‘I’ became ‘we’, and together we cry out,

“Oh, God, we want you in our life.

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Oh, God,

Hold us together as husband and wife.”


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