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Love For A Lifetime Part 1

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They sat there in silence. He kept on fidgeting with his fingers. And the more he fidgeted, the more nervous she became. They had a long history together. Maybe too long. Maybe not long enough. The waitress finally arrived with their coffee.

It was best to speak carefully, as his words could easily tangle amid the thick air around them.

He broke the silence, "Do you believe in miracles?"
She almost wanted to laugh. But instead, she raised her eyebrows "Do I believe in miracles?" She followed with a subtle grin.
"Just answer the question", he replied
This time, she answered directly, "Miracles give hope, I guess that's a good thing?".

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He grasped her hands in his, "In that case, are you ready for a story?"
A smile came to her face, "You'll never change will you?"

They had agreed to meet at the coffee shop. A place where they had many memories together, including that first kiss. But now much older, and presumably a lot wiser, they sat as they did for all those years. He looked deep into her eyes. Eyes that once cared for him. But with the distance between, they now seem cold.

Since she left him, he decided to write stories. He was always a great storyteller. His imagination would take you all over the world, and sometimes, to distant galaxies.

She took a deep breath, "So how does this story begin?"

He smiled, "Just like every other story... Once upon a time...

...There was a young man named Jack. He was off to fight the War, leaving everything behind - Including the love of his life, Kate.

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"Wait just one second, this sounds like a love story"
"And what is wrong with that", he reasoned
"Does it have a happy ending?"
He didn't promise anything, but simply said, "I hope so"


He took a sip of his coffee, "So, where was I?"
"Jack and Kate"


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Love For A Lifetime Part 1 | 2 | Next Part